lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

What a girl wants

A long time ago, I stopped believing that someone will come into my life to make me feel alive. I learned, on the hard way, that such a thing is impossible. I was born complete and my happiness doesn't rely on no one, except me. No matter how attached (emotional, at least) or in love I am.

I don't want or need any one like that. I'm not looking forward to meeting somebody. Maybe I already met it, but I am to stopper to realized. But, that's not the point. The point is, that I don't want a man who makes me feel I'm settling, insecure or I need to earn a space in his 'occupied' life. Because, to be honest, no one it's too occupied to not text back in a whole day. You are not the president (sorry not sorry).

I would like to be with a person who wants me in his life no matter what. Who can love me, accepts me and respects me above all. A human being, flesh and bones like me who is not afraid to feel, to speak, to love and wants the same things as I do. Not exactly like me. Instead, I'd rather to pick a nemesis that can stimulate my imagination, challenge my belief, surprise me with just a sentence... To sum up, who can blow my fucking mind.

Whom despite fights, laughs, tears, time, etc., still pick me over and over again without hesitate. That never make me doubt in the morning if it will be there. That never let me go no matter how tough things could get.

Am I asking too much? No, of course no! It is what I deserve because I know I can give the same things. Even though I always picked wrong, I don't know why, yet but one way or another I will find out. I'm feeling each day that has gone close of what I want. Only time will say if my teachers teach me well or I have a couple lessons to learn before I reach my goal.

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